Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Notebook for the Author

First Born is writing a book.  She is currently doing some character development for it. Maybe it's maternal bias, but I'm already completely hooked on her book and await anxiously for the next character's formation...
Meanwhile, she did come to us with her composition book looking not like the masterpiece it should be:Photobucket
So I did a quick fix-up of her notebook using WIP's June kit.  When I say "quick," it took me no more than ten minutes. The awesome Echo Park Summer Days cardstock sticker sheet was so perfect for this easy make-over of her notebook.  I even left the middle portion open because I figured she might want to add a thing or two herself.  I think I might even let her into my sticker stash, lol.  What do you think?  Could the next Harry Potter be born here?


Trish said...

Who wouldn't want to create with such a beautiful journal!! LOVE THIS!!

Melanie said...

It is so fun when kids write their own stories. I love her illustrations!

We love covering comp. notebooks at our house, too. I love the bright colors of this one you have put together.

My DD's 3rd grade class is doing this next week to make "summer journals" before the school year ends. :)

Aubree said...

Bet your dd loves this!!! Who wouldn't be inspired to write in such a lovely book?!