Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Summer is in full swing and after the flowers, fruits are "everywhere" in my garden.  My primary role in my family's gardens is that of a photographer.  My thumbs are far from green and they are more needed to help steady the camera :) 
The strawberry season is officially over. We planted a couple of different varieties this year and the fruits were deliciously sweet!  The weather this year was so wonky so we didn't make it to the strawberry farm to pick as a family, but at least we had our own patch.
Our cherry trees produced abundantly this year as opposed to nothing in 2010 due to a late May frost! This year, the fruits were plump and shiny, and as tart as ever. Only DH likes to eat those!
Brand new to us this year are the blueberry bushes!!  It's so exciting to see these tiny berries sprouting forth :)  They have gotten bigger since this photo was taken and a few of them have turned blue!!!  It's so exciting :)  I must get the kids some light blue shirts and be prepared for my duties as the official photographer :)
We also added a few bushes of summer bearing raspberries and we are in the middle of overdosing on those! Roughly a pint of raspberries a day is being harvested and we are loving them! Sometimes the kids would just stand in front of the bushes and eat as fast and as many as they want. 
We also have a variety of veggies that we are enjoying this year, maybe I can share some photos of those in a future post! Thanks for visiting!


Nathalie said...

"Green" with envy!!!! :D

Trish said...

Wow--love the pics! You make me sad that I didn't plant any of those!! Great job!!

jamie said...

what nathalie said!
those photos are fabulous!!!
thanks for making my mouth water.