Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Household Cleaning

(Citrus Vinegar recipe found here from On Just a Couple Acres.)
As the kids head back to school, I realize as I look around, this house is in dire need of a cleaning lady. Anyone else in the same boat? Spring Cleaning in the Fall is in full gear here...

Today, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite household tips that were found over at Pinterest. Just click on the link for more information...

When is the last time you cleaned your washing machine? Just tried this idea yesterday. So cool!

Did you know you could prevent moldy berries in your frig? Yep--check this tip out.

Drain Cleaning made easy.

I'm so totally making this no-slip dishtowel out of Velcro. Great idea!!

Painting is also in my very near future. This tip on cleaning brushes will be great then, I'm sure...

How to clean a ceiling fan with a pillowcase here.

Fluffing Pillows in the dryer with tennis balls? Yep!

And, last but not least...45 uses for vinegar. Who knew?

Now if someone would just come over to do this stuff at my house...ugh...

For more of my favorite household things, feel free to check out my "House Stuff I Love" board on Pinterest here.

Enjoy your day! :)


jamie said...

my kids don't necessarily 'go back to school', but yes, i feel the need for deep fall cleaning.
thanks for the tips. always appreciated.


Jewel said...

My kids start school tomorrow and I am itching to get started on fall cleaning since I didn't exactly get all my spring cleaning done. Thanks for all the fab links!