Thursday, August 25, 2011

Use Your Tickets

One of the staples in WIP kits are tickets, tags, baker's twine and other fun hand-made items from Trish (like these adorable crabs in the sold-out August main kit!  I started this layout really wanting to use these items together. You can say that I had a goal :)  Not that you need a ticket to dine anywhere on the cruise, but I thought I would try that theme.  I was going to title the layout "Ticket to Dine" or something to that effect until I settled on the present title :)  I was pretty excited! I do love me a good title! Check out those GIANT hotdogs in front of my kids.  Is it me or that thing is almost as big as her face?!  lol. I had to use an arrow sticker to point to it :)


So let's brainstorm some ticket(s) related subjects and titles!  Yes, a layout can begin with a single drive to use a ticket as an embellishment and go from there. :)  Please add yours to the comments, I'd love to get more ideas!
  • Hot Ticket
  • Just the Ticket
  • That's the Ticket!
  • Dream Ticket
  • Meal Ticket
  • One-Way Ticket
  • Hot Ticket
  • Big Ticket
  • Wolf Ticket


Michelle said...

Cute cute page, Jing Jing!

jamie said...

way cute!

Trish said...

You are so cleaver!