Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Travel Journal

Hi everyone, Tina here to share a project I've been working on since life has slowed down a bit in order for me to catch up!

Warning... picture heavy post!

This year I was privileged to spend a lot of time traveling. From Florida to California, and places in between. While I plan to scrap in a little more detail each trip, I wanted to capture my travels in one journal to enjoy.

I decided to tie them all together I would use travel song titles that could help tell the stories with some of the pictures.
adding pockets and tags throughout so that I could include more pictures and journaling

Spending some time in Cook Forest Pennsylvania with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin was a welcome "girl" getaway
Chelsea worked in a summer weight loss camp for kids in both Wisconsin and New York, so we met up with a friend in Madison.

Lombard street in San Francisco, known as the most crooked street in the world was a toss up between (every day is a winding road and the long and winding road) while the view from Chicago's John Hancock observatory proved that (Life is a highway)

at ifly in San Francisco we got to experience indoor sky diving
(fly me to the moon)

getting my husband to take time off work is a (Holiday), all the surfers in the ocean in California (Surfin USA)


BabyBokChoy said...

I particularly like to see how people "bind" such an album. I'm glad to see two big rings, and I think i can manage that. Love this style of book and really want to make one. I sure have way too many travel photos and this would be terrific! :)

Amanda said...


Trish said...

Dear GOD--this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Tina! I've missed your face and your stuff here, so this put a huge smile on my face! All the beautiful pieces/parts--so YOU. I want to see this in person--and you better bring this baby to the Bertram, for sure! xo

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful work, Tina! Love the idea of using song titles throughout. :) tfs!

Debbi Tehrani said...

This is just gorgeous! So many amazing details.

jamie said...

fun mini!!!
great work, tina!!!