Thursday, October 27, 2011

December Daily Update

Just an update:  The email with the photos/details of the 2011 December Daily will go out TODAY!  So for those of you who have received yours, you will be able to get started!  I will also be shipping a bunch of them out today, so if you ordered in the past few days, be on the lookout for your shipping notice.  The kit is no longer available to purchase to the public, as it is SOLD OUT.  If you are attending the Bertram Inn next weekend, there are 4 left to purchase that weekend.  I will not be making more of these this year, but if there are any leftovers, they will be made available to the public here on Monday, November 7th, along with the rest of the Bertram Inn leftovers.

THANK YOU for another great year and sell out!  I look forward to sharing mine when December rolls around!
Enjoy your day!


Julie said...

Oh no damn it I missed to order one. It is so super sweet and I just forgot. Shame on me!
Greetings from Germany.

jamie said...


borcherding said...

*woot woot* So happy to see this post!! I know what I'm gonna be doing this weekend! HOORAY!!!

Pearl said...

Thanks for stoping by!
Your so sweet. You have a colorful cute blog. Love all your scrapbooking layouts!
Keep that creative spirit flowing!