Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I decided to take a photography class this semester. I wanted to learn more about my camera, improve my photography skills, and be inspired. So far I've been all of the above.

(Days with my father)

This photographer and story, really struck a cord with me, listening to him as he shared his method and seeing his photographic journal about his fathers illness moved me and motivated me in ways I didn't know possible, as a scrapbooker, a photographer and a child of an ailing parent.

This photographic journey with his father is sure to bring you to tears...

He calls himself Mr. Toledano. He's humorous, cute and such a great photographer!

Here are some links to a couple of his videos. (language disclaimer)

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Elizabeth said...

OH wow! How great that you got a chance to sit in on his class! I first discovered him a few years ago when Ali Edwards posted about him on her blog. I love him...and his dad!