Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Sitings

I have been siting me some fun, gorgeous, and just plain simple pumpkins here and there. If you spend anytime online exploring one blog to another, I am sure you have found a few of your favorites too. But, I bet you have not come across a pumkalope? Or a pumkamelon? Or a cantakin? now have you? The cute little green thing in my photo all dolled up with a blessing tag is just one of those. Somehow our cantalopes crossed with our pumpkins and know the rest.

But I I just wanted to share a few of my favorite 'normal' pumpkins from around the web.

budget wise home
How pretty is this decoupaged fall leaf pumpkin? It is so very pretty. Simple. Very doable. Gorgeous for a table center piece. Now if only I could find me some white pumpkins.

pretty prowler
 Talk about a stud of a pumpkin. These bling-ed out orbs are fun! How simple is this? The addition of the black pedestal cake plates for show is a nice touch too.

ken rashs outdoor furniture

 Stylish pumpkin decor does not have to be complicated. If you are like me you have a plethora of ribbon, trim or even lace hoarded stashed away waiting for that perfect embellishment. A little hot glue, a fabulous pattern, and tada! pretty little pumpkins.

wedding party center pieces
Fall wedding? Bejeweled white pumpkins, large and small. Perfect!

country living
O.K...the latent graphic designer in me LOVES this text book be-decked squash. stunning. eye-catching. genius.

Hope you had fun exploring these fall decorating ideas. One can easily get lost in all the creative energy out there as you follow link to link discovering these ideas. Hoping a few find their way into your autumn.

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Trish said...

Suddenly, I feel like an under-achiever. They are just BEAUTIFUL!

Debbi Tehrani said...

OMGoodness! These are all just fabulous!