Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Last year, we started a new tradition with Elf on a Shelf. The kids got the book as a gift, and it was a hit...
And when I saw this post on Pinterest, I knew I had to pass this link along.  101 ideas for the ELF!
This Flickr Photostream has lots of cute ideas to share.
And a couple I found here.
I saw this blog post on creative ideas for placing your Elf on a Shelf, and wanted to share them today, too.  How CUTE!!
Even more adorable idea at Parenting Magazine here.
Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

Love all this Elf on the Shelf stuff! Definitely doing this with my son next year. He will be 2 so I think that is a good age to start it!

Melanie said...

This post is so timely. My mother-in-law just got us the Elf on the Shelf and my 4-year-old is a little freaked out by him. He keeps looking at the elf (and not wanting to get anywhere close) and saying "I don't want him to watch me." LOL! I love the ideas though. Maybe he'll warm up to him!