Monday, December 19, 2011

All Things Reindeer

For some strange reason, this year I've been a bit geeked up about all things reindeer. For example...
Made these for a few men in our family, using the best beer in the world...Great Lakes Brewing Company Christmas Ale.  Fun, right?
The pooch is so cooperative.  I love this dog!!
Made these for both of our son's classrooms this year. They spoke to me. :) Jen even found me RED WHOPPERS. What a gal!!
I made 77 of these bad boys.  Giddy up, Santa.  Wrappers for Hershey's candy bars.  Do they get any cuter?
And last but certainly not least, these chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookies on a stick made me want to scream when I saw them.  I made my own version for a party I hosted over the weekend, and the kids loved them. 
Every single one of these ideas are located on my Pinterest Christmas board (minus the pooch!).

Enjoy your day!! 


Heather said...

You are sooooo my hero!! How do you find the time to be so fabulous? :) Thanks for sharing!

pickmepam said...

omg! i love every one of these! you are like a little elf we all wish we had!

Gina said...

Seriously, you don't sleep do you? Why must you torture me with your awesomeness?

Heather said...

I'm convinced there are really two of her.... :)