Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A WIP Christmas Freebie

I am truly blessed with great friends.  And one of them, who asked to remain nameless (whose initials are AMY!!), is awesome at creating subway art.  She sent this to me yesterday, as a freebie to all the WIP Blog readers out there as a beautiful holiday gesture. 

Isn't she sweet?

The best part?  It is sized to 8x10...or 16x20!!  Simply click on the above image, and save the image on the following screen by right clicking your mouse, and print (or send it away to Costco to have it printed, like me!)
ETA:  I resized the original image to make it larger, but Blogger may condense the image for me to upload it here.  If you're getting a low resolution image, be sure you first CLICK the image, let it take you to the second screen where there is just an image of the art, then right click to save.  If it still needs to be resized, you may need to do that on your own using PSE, Photoshop, Picnik or Picassa.  It worked fine for me, but I would like some feedback from someone else, if possible.  Thanks so much!!

Thank you, Amy.  You know I love ya!! 


supermom said...

Trish, this is super cute, but when I save it and upload it, I get a message saying that it is too low of resolution to print. :(

Heather said...

LOVE! Thank you!M

Mandy said...

I had it printed in 16x20 in. and it looks great! Thank you!