Friday, January 27, 2012

Lego Birthday Party

When my oldest son turned 9, I knew what type of birthday party he'd want. The boy lives for legos, so we went to town...
Okay, so the boys live for Nerf, too.  So the first hour was spent outside shooting one another, and specifically aiming at the 3 girls in the area.  As my son said, "Sometimes a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, Mom."

I made this banner using a free printable I found over at Pinterest.  SO easy and perfect for the occasion!  I added black chipboard letters that spelled out his name.

We played the Candy Bar game--a favorite in our house.

I found Lego hard candy (yes, they actually interlock) and put them in these colorful containers.
I put the hubs to work, and had him make the cake topper.  His initial and his age.  Not bad, eh?
He wanted one of those weird cakes from Walmart that has cake mixed in with ice cream.  Look, it wasn't my choice--but it did the job!  And it was colorful, so we made it work.

So proud to be his mom.  He was surrounded by friends and family who love him, and the day was great.  I can't believe he's nine...
Thanks for letting me share.  Enjoy your day!


borcherding said...

Trish, my youngest is nine also and this party would be right up his alley. His loves are Star Wars and Nerf guns. LOL! Have a great weekend!!
ps. When do I get pics of Valentine projects? :-)

erin said...

what is the candy bar game?

Ellen said...

I was wondering what the candy bar game is too. Also, cute, cute party.

pickmepam said...

how fun is that?!