Monday, January 30, 2012

Project Life Weekly Topics

Hello Monday!

First off, thank you so much for the kind words on my PL post.  I can't tell you how many people touched me with all the sweet comments--in person on on the computer!  THANK YOU for cheering me on and inspiring me to keep this up for yet another year.  I hope you enjoy the journey with me, and that even if you're not doing a PL project, that somewhere you too will take bits and pieces of it and use it for good somewhere with your own scrappy journey.   It's all good!

I wanted to post a list of the weekly topics I have jotted down for my 2012 Project Life.  While the list is numbered 1-52, please note that this list in in no particular order.  I have a copy of it posted by my computer, and as each topic is covered, I plan on crossing it off my list.  Note too that there are enough open weeks to do "random stuff" here and there, or if I come up with a great idea, say in June or something.  This flexibility also allows for life events, in the occasion that something unexpected comes up.

52 Project Life Weekly Topics:
  1. Around Here.
  2. Us.
  3. Winter Fun
  4. Technology in our Lives
  5. What and Where we Eat
  6. Things we can't live without...
  7. No Photos Week
  8. No Words Week.
  9. Jami--right now
  10. Evan--Right now
  11. Griffin--right now
  12. Sage Advice (Grandparents week)
  13. I Know This Much is True.
  14. TV & Movies we Love
  15. Music we Love
  16. Friends for Life
  17. Taylor's Graduation
  18. First week of School
  19. Last week of School
  20. Trish--week
  21. Chris--week
  22. Where we Shop
  23. What we Wear
  24. Where We Work
  25. Fall Fun
  26. Summer Fun
  27. Springtime Fun
  28. The Boys (Chris & E & G)
  29. The Girls (Me & J)
  30. Our Pets
  31. Where we Live (City & Neighborhood)
  32. Neighbors we Love
  33. Scrappy Girlfriends
  34. Gratitude
  35. Faith & Church & Spirituality
  36. Inlaws
  37. My Parents
  38. What we Drive (cars)
  39. Our Yard
  40. Spring Break
  41. "I Miss..."
  42. Christmas
  43. Thanksgiving
  44. Family Vacation
  45. At Play
  46. Our Home
  47. Politics/Election Week (Nov.)
  48. Open
  49. Open
  50. Open
  51. Open
  52.  Open
(Personal names used are family members--FYI.)
I'll be answering questions in tomorrow's blog post, so if you have any others, please feel free to ask!

Enjoy your day!


jamie said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts and list.

Cindy said...

This is so brilliant and simple. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing all this. I had decided not to do PL again this year, but I think I just changed my mind!