Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Scarves & Lariats

Today, I want to share a project I did in a couple of hours. Thanks again, Pinterest. :) I LOVE how it turned out...
I made this felt scarf for a dear friend, and gave it to her for Christmas.  I had my daughter model it before I wrapped it.  I plan on making many, many more.  Oh, how I love felt!!
I've also had a thing for lariats these days.  Especially crocheted ones!  Aren't they cute??
I have a thing for grey ones!
I did a search for "crochet lariat" on Etsy, and came up with so many more that I want!  You can see my search here.
Enjoy your day!


MommaSaid said...

These are so amazing, I'm going to pin them on Pinterest with all credit to you, of course.

The Inque Spot said...

You are a ROCK STAR!!!! I love this and will be making one this weekend. And like "MommaSaid".... I am pinning it with creds to you.

pickmepam said...

these are so adorable!