Thursday, January 5, 2012

T-Shirt Lariat

I have really been into crafting lately. I'm kinda loving it, too. Here in Ohio, that's what I do to get by these winter days. It's all good...

I knew this project had my name on it when I saw there was a way to use what I had.  I quickly raided the hub's t-shirt drawer and a pair of scissors and got to work...
I love the versitility!  And they stretch over your head, so you can be really creative.
Here is a link to these t-shirt necklaces.  I had so much fun, I hope you'll try this at home!!  Simple knots and loops.

There's a great tutorial here for cutting your t's up and leaving them plain.  Kinda cool that way, too.

This strange yellow will come in handy on school spirit days (our local school colors are blue and gold), so the daughter was tickled to wear this one.  It is actually two necklaces--one is extra long.
They can be dressed up, or worn plain jane.
Up next, I plan to add beads like this one hereSo pretty!
Enjoy your day!


jamie said...

very fun.
you crafty girl you.
my girls are watching over my shoulder...guess i know what we will be up to soon.

Susi said...

Love your version of the scarf. I've got to make one or two. TFS

pickmepam said...

cute, but i think the felt is still my favorite. do you want my favorite colors??? sometime i wish i couldn't sleep so i could have more time to do the things you are one amazing person!