Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Project Life--Weeks 4 & 5

As promised, here are weeks 4 & 5...
Week 4. 
In week 4, I used Design F and Design D page protectors.  Lots of pictures this week.  I'm a collage geek, so you will see that on my version of Project Life.  This week's subject was "Winter Days."  What does that consist of here in Ohio?  Slippers, flannel pj's, sledding, shoveling, snuggling, candles and scrapping with girlfriends.  I used Instagram and PicFrame apps for photos mostly.  Notice I sliced a photo in two (middle of the left page) so I could fit a 4" square photo into the layout.  I used a snowflake punch and papers from the February Main WIP Kit on these pages, along with kraft paper and white cardstock.  I also continued to use die cuts this week.  Gave my hand to embossing (lower right side) too...
Week 5.  Design D and Design C Page Protectors.  Again you'll notice Instagram and PicFrame photos, die cuts and papers from the February Main WIP Kit.  Love that I fit 28 photos into this week, and still managed to not use any photos in 4 of the pockets.  FUN.  This week's topic was "Everyday family moments"--just like the die cut says on the bottom right.

And a photo of the other side:

I believe it was Cammy who asked before about how I'm handling my "regular" scrapbook layouts.  Well, since this is my 4th year doing PL, I can honestly and objectly say that I have less of those layouts.  That being said, the layouts I create are still worthy of being made.  I gave up "event" scrapbooking a long time ago.  For example, for birthdays, I make a collage of photos, journal ON the photo about when and where the party was held, and let the photos do most of the work.  I have those collages printed out to a 12x12 format at Costco, and I stick those into their scrapbooks.  Done.  When I DO decide to do a scrapbook layout, it is usually because I want to SAY SOMETHING.  I consider my own layouts to be love notes to our kids (or to whoever I'm scrapping.)  My approach for years has always been, "What do I want to say--what do I want them to know after looking at this layout?"  Quite honestly, that is usually conveyed with WORDS.  The photos are generally used to support what I'm trying to say--but would mean nothing without the words.  That is my perspective--and it works for me.

I've had several people contact me about putting together a Project Life mini kit.  Your wish is my command!!  Stay tuned on more of that to come.  I can't wait to share some of the cool tidbits and embellishments I've been working on for it!! 

Enjoy your day!


Lori said...

A project life mini kit?!?! AWESOME!

em said...

A project life mini kit! :)
And yours is SO every bit of it!

Cammy said...

Yes it was me who asked about your scrapbook layouts, thanks for taking the time to answer!