Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

Pinterest, you've ruined me...

I saw this recipe using Pillsbury Crescent rolls, and I knew it would be a hit for our family.  And it was.  First, make the cinnamon sugar butter.  Or, if you feel adventurous, try using cinnamon honey butter.

Lay it on nice and thick.  Nice and evenly.
Can we have a moment and sing the praises of the under-appreciated offset spatula?  Seriously lovely tool.  You should have one if you don't.
Roll them up, just like you would if they were not buttered...

And drizzle the glaze over them and serve.  Totally DELISH and EASY!!  Your kids will love them, too!

For the formal recipe, here is the link from The Hungry Housewife.

Enjoy your day!!

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