Monday, April 23, 2012

Target. My Weakness.

Target. You own me. Can you identify??
Yeah.  That's ME!!

I thought this one was funny, too...

So let me do a little enabling, yet again.  Because they've done it, yet again...
While in the store last week, I was giddy over quite a few new items in the housewares department.  I love how they knock off Pottery Barn and Ballard, for less than half the price.  I'm on a budget, people!!  The ampersand pillow and the #2 stool were favs.  I brought home the #3 pillow--I couldn't resist.  Three is the magic number, no?

Are you doing anything fun to spruce up your home this Spring?  I need to kick it into high gear here and do some painting, and this may just be the inspiration I need.

Enjoy your day!!

1 comment:

Jewel said...

Trish, you are killing me. They don't have Target in Singapore :(