Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book of Aunts

I got a special request to share my Book of Aunts. So here goes!

The book goes together quite easily.  I can't wait to add my photos.  To say that I'm behind is a gross understatement.  But I'll get to it...

Above:  The inside cover.  Love Dear Lizzy's stuff. 

The entire book is hindged on a binder clip that is attached to the right side of the hard cover.

I plan on using the fronts AND backs to create more space for photos and journaling.
The elements in the kit are really girly and feminine, and I love that.  Perfect for female photos (or your aunts!)
Please leave any questions, I promise to answer them!

Enjoy your day!


jamie said...

fabulous! fabulous.
love the way the book is hinged.
love that it is an actual book.

Tracie Livermore said...

Sp neat!!! What are the dimensions of the book? Do you have more unfinished books available? And/Or where do you find the binder clip? =)Thanks! T

Tracie Livermore said...


Trish said...

Hi Tracie--Sorry, I don't have any extra books available. The pages measure 5x7. The binder clips are Tim Holtz, but I'd recommend doing a Google search for them (they come in all sizes & colors!)