Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fundraiser Update & Teacher Appreciation

Last month, I sold discounted Clearance WIP Kits to raise funds for the local elementary school. I deemed it the "Face lift Fund" because my intent is to perk up the building and INSPIRE the students and staff who live a lot of their days there.  A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated!!  Here is what I did with the money...

Acrylic Name Plates for Teachers
One of the projects I've taken on is photographing each of the staff members, and creating a name plate for them that is hung by their classroom door.  This was to serve two purposes:  1) to identify teachers to students, parents and visitors, and 2) to update the outdated name plates.  Each photo was printed out in 5x7, and matted using a sheet of scrapbook paper--use your stash!-- (cut 10x10) and framed in an 8x10 acrylic box frame (found at any craft store, Walmart or Target.) The paper wraps around the sides of the frame, and I enjoy how it looks.   I did take the liberty to add the name of each teacher to the photo before printing, but you could easily add it with stickers as well.  So far, I've only completed about 25% of the staff.  I should be finished by the end of this month.  Cost:  $5 per project.

Cricut Die Cut Machine and Cartridges for the School Staff.
I purchased and donated a Cricut and cartridges for the staff.  The school  librarian will be in charge of the unit, and staff can "sign out" the device, as well as cartridges, just like a book in the library system.  This way, nothing gets lost or misplaced.  LOVE.

School Posters and Artwork, Using Images of the School

I purchased and donated 10 poster frames (24x36) for the hallways.  I took photos of the school itself, added text (favorite quotes about learning and teaching) and enlarged them.  They were printed at Costco, and I framed each one myself using acrylic poster frames, and hung them in the hallways.  I wanted the students to recognize the images when they saw them, and to realize and appreciate what we have there, and that this art applied to them.  I've been really happy with how they've worked, and I plan to add a few more.  I also plan to add two memorial frames to the hall, in honor of two students who have passed away.  Their spirit is part of that place.

All this, because you guys helped me.  I'm not finished.  The school needs a lot of work, and I plan to continue on with this work.  Stay tuned for more updates!!  Again--thank you SO MUCH for your support!!  It means more than I can ever express.
Enjoy your day!!


Anonymous said...

Trish! Those are wonderful things you did for the school! They are so lucky to have your creativity and commitment!--evilwoman

Linda Gorman said...

Great job, Trish ! You are such a creative person and everything looks wonderful. I enjoyed everything I got in the kit, too. So it certainly was a win-win endeaver.

Melanie said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! You are amazing in your service to the school :)