Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Trends

Hey everyone! Jamie here... Just wanting to share a little bit of what is trending in my studio these days... in hopes that maybe it might inspire you just a tad.

There are several go to elements that I am seeing popping up on my layouts recently. Well...let me quantify that statement. Actually, I find I am not doing traditional layouts as much as I use to. ProjectLife has taken over some of that in my story telling this year. So to sit down and do an actual layout is not what it use to be. But when I DO take the time to layout a project, there are a few themes that keep popping up.
Seam binding is one of those elements. I have to use seam binding on everything. I think it's a bit of an obsession. And I usually coffee-dye before using it on my project.
Misting is sort of a new technique being found everywhere on my pages too. I fell in love with paint splatters about 2 years ago when I took a class from Debee over at InspireLovely. And I have been hooked ever since. And you can see too that I used the thickers from the kit as a mask to spell 'derby' for part of my title.

A soft palette, or at least a thematic palette is one of my approaches to my layouts. I love patterns and hues that have a consistent theme about them. Like the layout that I am highlighting here. This is one of the pages from the June gallery for WIPkits.  I stayed with two color themes for the most part. The reddish-pinkish hue from my daughter's shirt is picked up in some of the pattern from the 7gypsies paper, plus the mist that is sprayed on the cardstock. It really shows up better in real life, but the tone from her derby pie is what set the tone for  the gold that is used in the rest of the layout. 

Layering is another approach I am loving right now. I start with the photo. Then add tags, tape, die cuts. banners, pattern paper under and around the photo to give it depth and feel.
And one other item of abundant usage is sequins. Love the soft subtle pop of bling with the sequins right now.
You should be seeing some of these items on more of my projects here in the near future. That is until something else becomes my 'go to' and 'have-to-have" elements and techniques.
Stay tuned.
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