Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Flip Flop Ideas

I plan on having a crafty week, people.  And here's what's up on my list of to-do...FLIP FLOPS!!
This is an awesome tutorial on how to alter a plain ole pair of flip flops. 

These flip flops from Dollar Store Crafts is too cute!!  A combination of the existing shoe and ribbon!!  Imagine the possibilities!!

And these beaded flip flops from Trinkets in Bloom are beyond FUN.  I'm all over these, and can't wait to not just make them...but WEAR THEM!!

These are just beyond adorable.  There are a lot of other flip flop tutorials, including this one, on the Mother Huddle,

These are feminine and versatile...
And these cute sandals are too cute to miss.

Can't wait to get started!!

Enjoy your day!


Sandy Ang said...

It's also great fun to make your own out of corrugated cardboard, i did it here

Anonymous said...

Cute!!! Can't wait to make some for my nieces (and me)!