Thursday, June 14, 2012

Foam Core Backdrop

After reading this article on foam core backdrops, I took the liberty of investing in a few XL pieces myself.  I bought one huge piece (shown here below in the middle), and then two pieces that were half the size of the larger one (shown below on either side). 
For the Teacher Appreciation lunch in May, I tacked them up to a bulletin board, and used the setting as a backdrop for the buffet.  I cut out hexagons from sheets of yellow and black/grey scrapbook paper, to help carry out a bee theme.  All the desserts were light in color, or yellow.  We served lemonade, lemon bars, white chocoloate covered popcorn, etc.  Simple and timeless.  The best part?  I plan on using the exact backdrop for an upcoming bridal shower "The Bride to BEE."  I plan on reusing the foam core background over and over!!

Enjoy your day!!


borcherding said...

i have a piece of foam board in my car right! it's white and boring. :)

pickmepam said...

AH! how cute it that?
cute as can bee!

Melanie said...

That is awesome! I don't think I've ever used foam core. Love the "bee" theme.

And thank you for the tip on the hydrangea's--I will try it :)

GeorgeT said...

That looks BEEautiful! Try getting yours [url=]custom printed[/url] next time. I just found out you can do this and the picture is gorgeous.

Next time you could print out a picture of the bees for the foamcore itself! :)

Anonymous said...

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