Tuesday, July 3, 2012

celebrating july 4th

July 4th greetings to you all... This holiday is a big event in our neighborhood. In fact, we celebrate with a block party. In year's past we have had quite the time of it including an array of fireworks. Those have been banned this summer, due to the high fire alert... but that will not stop us from gathering and celebrating.

We invite the neighbors and friends from across town to meet in front of 8958 Kingston Heath for the evening. This started about seven years ago with just a few neighbors. Every year it gains more attention and every year we can't wait to make it happen.
Everyone brings food! We set up tables and tables and tables of food... last year it even included the most clever snack contest judged by the kiddos. That was a hoot!
My oldest daughter is hostess to a decorated bike parade. She had them lined up last year by age and size and they put on quite the show for us. She is already organizing this year's.
And of course there are flags and decorations everywhere... and if you know me, that includes inside and out.
Last year we even added a few minutes to make sure we gave proper observance to the holiday that this is... and that is the birthday of the greatest nation on earth. Thanks for letting me share a little of what goes on in our neighborhood. Here is to hoping you have family and friends together on Wednesday and enjoy a beautiful time of celebrating.
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