Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random Stuff

1.  If you have a daughter and you haven't seen this movie with her yet, please do yourself a favor, and go see it with her.  I liked Katy Perry before I saw the flick.  But now, we both LOVE her.  Great girl power stuff--you won't be sorry.
2.  Took my son out for breakfast at First Watch recently.  Big thumbs up for their blueberry pancakes that were bigger than his head.
3.  Editing photos of a newborn session I did last week.  Man, I miss the smell of babies!  She was precious, indeed...

4.  Geering up for a bridal shower in the family.  Coffee filter flowers, giant pinwheels and rosettes--and garlands.  Oh, yes.  Garlands...

5.  Christmas in July with this local brew.  And now, Applebees has it on tap.  Life is good!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Gordon and I saw a preview of the Katy Perry movie recently and both thought that it would be a good one. I wonder if Isabella is too young?