Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trying to squeeze it all in...

Things I want to do before the kids are back in school...

1.  Spend some time up at the Lake Erie Islands.  We are all looking forward to heading up there.
2.  Planning and holding our second annual Outdoor Movie Night.
3.  Finish up school shopping for all 3 kiddos.  Ugh.  Dreading this one.
4.  Cedar Point with the whole fam damily.
5.  Girlfriend's trip to Ikea.
6.  Perfect a corn salsa recipe that is delish.
7.  Camp Turay with the kids.
8.  Two wedding shoots and a dozen senior photo sessions.
9.  Work on Bertram Inn Classes/Kits.
10.  Bay Pointe with the Sizer Family.
11.  Dinner with the Corcoran's, Lewicki's, Wegryn's, Patarini's, Novak's and Zakarowsky's.
12.  Volleyball camp for Jami, soccer tourney for the boys.
13.  Field trip to the Football Hall of Fame.

How about you?  Are you squeezing in all the summer stuff as much as you can??  It's flying by so quickly...
Enjoy your weekend!


Sherry said...

I've definitely got a whole list of " "must do" things before summer's end. How is it all flying by so fast? I haven't even started school shopping and all four of my kiddos will be in school this year. My youngest in Kinder and my oldest a SENIOR in HS. Bittersweet.

Amber said...

When do the kids go back to school? This sounds like a lot to do in such a short amount of time. And don't forget, I may want to make another trip up there before school starts. I REALLY enjoyed the "camp out" a couple of years ago...hint, hint.

Trish said...

Amber--#7--Camp Turay! Hello...of course it's on the list! LOL