Friday, August 31, 2012

Erica's Shower

I recently helped out my cousin with a family bridal shower, so I wanted to share a few photos from the decor today...
All the decorations were either vintage, or made with scrapbooking materials.  It was so FUN to create using what I had--and I loved the challenge!!
The above train case was found in my cousin's closet, and dressed up to use as the card box.  The mirrored area was dressed up with a few lollies, and a mini banner.  A vintage doillie (made by my mom when she was younger) draped over the side added a special touch.
 The XL black foam core backdrops worked well against the tables.  They added a great touch.
 I recycled cans used from veggies and such in my kitchen, and used the containers to house pennants, lollies and photos.  I took a vintage frame and painted the glass of the frame with chalkboard paint, and put it on an easel for a little chalkboard.  Totally doing that craft again in the near future!
 Here, I added a few fabric (felt and burlap) flowers to a vintage chalkboard.  So fun, playing and using found objects around the house!! 
Can't wait for the wedding in a few weeks...
Enjoy your day!

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