Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What to wear for senior pictures.

A few years back, I posted information about what to wear for informal senior portraits, and what to wear for formal senior portraits. I wanted to repost those links for those of you who have seniors, as well as add a few items that are trending right now. To date, they're two of my most pinned posts on Pinterest, and for that, I'm grateful!

For girls: scarves, hats, boots, bracelets, long necklaces, sunglasses, sneakers, chandelier earrings, flip flops, heels, jackets and belts are common accessories.  Don't wear glitter--shine doesn't photograph well.  Avoid horizontal stripes--it makes you look larger.  Your nails will be in the photos--if you don't have them painted, be sure to at least have them manicured and filed.   Wear or bring the proper undergarments for outfit changes.  Try those teeth whitening strips--they work!  Put on an extra application of mascara, and bring pressed powder to avoid shine on your face. 

For boys:  distressed/destroyed jeans, sports equipment, class rings, jackets, sneakers, cars, hats, watches, ties, boots, and ties are all common accessories.  Be sure to bring along dress socks and shoes if you're going to do formal shots.  Avoid graphic tee shirts and horizontal stripes.

For Both:   Think about having one or more outfit the same as your eye color, so your eyes are brought out in the photo. Be sure clothing fits and is pressed or steamed to avoid wrinkles. Don't use a tanning bed a few days before a session, or get a new hair style right before your photos--you want to look natural.  Think about the expressions (serious or smiles) and discuss this with your parents before the session, so your expectations are clear to the photographer. Think, too, about the overall look you are going for in your photos--and be sure your parents approve of this as well.  Some of them may include Relaxed/beachy, Natural park setting, Formal/in studio, Graphic/urban feel, Sporty, Glam, Princess, Country, GQ or High Fashion. You may even want to mix a few of them, and coordinate that with your outfit changes.  The bottom line is be prepared, and communicate with your photographer.  If you have ideas in mind, do share them!

Enjoy your day!


Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Do you have tips for family photos? Don't necessarily want to be outfit twins, but complementary to each other. We're doing a Fall session with mountains and gorgeous leaves as a backdrop. This Mommy needs your tips and suggestions!

Trish said...

Coming later this week, Monika! :)

Ania said...

Nice one :) Thanks!