Monday, September 10, 2012

Monika Write--Guest Designer

I'm thrilled to announce the guest designer for September...Monika Wright.

Known for her amazing mini books, she created a beautiful one for WIP Kits, and I'd like to share it with you today...

In her words...

The chipboard word dream was the inspiration piece for this mini book. I knew as soon as I peeked into my goody box that I was finally going to make a project just for me, a place for me to document what I'm thinking, feeling and dreaming of. Now, I'm not a person to remember her dreams, but I have plenty of dreams in my waking hours, believe me! I embossed the circles and then misted the chipboard to really allow it to take center stage.

Now for the good part...all the pages in a variety of sizes, shapes and formats. You'll see that I envision filling this book with lots of goodness and used 1.25" o-wires to house what will become a chunky bit of what I'm thinking about. I'll be able to add on to this book over the next month, few months, years, however long it takes me to fill it up with my stories.

I like to add unexpected places to tell more private stories and that's what I'll do with this fold out page here. Oh, and see that camera page peeking out from beneath the fold out page? I added it after I had already bound my mini book. Let me show you how I made it a part the design and no one will ever know. Right? Right!

I used the border strip on the cardstock and incorporated it into my design. And on the back side, I added a border strip that comes with so many papers now. The red chevron strip has been adhered to the back side of this paper to cover up the manufacturer's info, allowing me to still use the patterned strip on the front!

What's not to love about's already designed for us. Add a story and a photo and call us ahead of the game.

I circle punched and then pop dotted those circles to the cardstock and used that bright red as the next page to peek out and add even more interest. Nothing wrong with a little fun.

Told you I was a fan of layering. And you may have already guessed...I use up scraps. The chevron strip below the word art is a border strip that I fussy cut and the banner strip adhered with the washi tape was trimmed into the v and fussy cut around the circles. If you have it, use it, I always think. Why let those bits and pieces get lost and eventually thrown away?

Machine stitching with my Mom's vintage Singer sewing machine is also a neat way to add interest and texture. Here, I've made a little pocket folder for one of the journaling cards and the long narrow page has also been stitched adding in a border strip scrap. The flap will be a nice way to add yet another layer when the time comes.

I used the paper names, punched, as journaling prompts for this page. Nifty, eh?

Just because it's a mini album doesn't mean it has to be mini. My dream book, that I'll add to over time, is sized to 8x12 at the largest and has pages as small as a shipping tag. I hope you'll give mini books a try sometime.

Thanks so much for joining us, Monika!! 

For those of you who would like to check out her Etsy site, you can view her amazing mini books and creations here.

Enjoy your day!!

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