Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baking with Friends

It was such a treat for my daughter and me to be invited over to bake with friends. They have old school family recipes that I've always wanted, complete with unique techniques, and learning from my friend's mom was a total treat for me...
This is Mrs. Berner.  And I love her.

And Mrs. Berner knows how to make the perfect Pecan Tassie.  She uses her own recipe for dough and filling, and uses a flower-shaped cookie cutter for the perfect shell.
I loved watching her in action.
These are our friends, Mari and Collin.  The whole family gets involved in the baking during the holidays.  The boys later broke for a bball game, while the younger girls took a walk to the local market.  Of course they came back to test the finished product when all was said and done...
 We bonded over a mutal love of the Pioneer Woman.  Gotta love another foodie!!

Thank you, Sullinger Family.  It was a wonderful day spent with you.

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