Saturday, June 29, 2013

Max's Grad Party

My dear friend Laina Lamb had a grad party for her son Max a few weeks ago. I wanted to share the beauty and the simplicity of their event with you all today.
Max's party was held in the backyard of their beautiful home.  It was perfect.  When you walked up to the house, this awesome chalkboard sign adorned the walkway.
 There were lights and paper lanterns throughout the yard.  It was festive, with rainbow colors all over the place.  A white tent and backdrop made the colors pop.
There was a wide variety of sweets at the candy bar.  That happened to be my personal favorite (my kids all agreed!)
Laina made these paper garlands and they were so cool!!  This one was on the patio for the food table.  She went with a Chipotle bar, and it was also a huge hit.
There were lots of games, a trampoline and a playset for kids outside.  Their yard is just beautiful...
For Max's cards, she decorated an open suitcase that was vintage.  So cute!!

She had Ball Mason jars on the tables, with a beautiful floral bouquet on each and every table.
These were the cool stickers on the bags for the candy bar.  Doesn't hurt to have a mom who is an awesome graphic designer, huh?
There was a projector set up in the yard, displaying the photos from Max's life.  So touching and personal...
And another great idea--they had a bartender present so there weren't any issues with under aged drinking, or anyone having too much to drink!!  LOVED that idea!!
Congrats to you and all your amazing accomplishments, Max.  I had a blast sharing your senior year with you, and can't wait to see all that you have waiting for you at college!!
Enjoy your day!!

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