Saturday, July 6, 2013


She is such a great daughter.  I thank God every single day for this girl.
She is kind and thoughtful and can read people well.
She is goofy and awkward and knows that it's part of her charm.
She is smart and prides herself on getting straight A's.
She still plays the clarinet, and it comes easily to her.
She is 5'9" tall, and still growing.
She eats me out of house and home and is unapologetic for it.
She is an awesome babysitter and earns extra spending money watching neighborhood kids.
She misses my mom almost as much as I do.
She was there with me, holding my hand, as we watched my mom leave this earth.
She is strong and wise and happy and hormonal, all wrapped into one.
She is a good and loyal friend.
She is obsessed with volleyball and getting an iPhone.
She texts
She snorts when she laughs, just like me.
She is serious and sincere, just like her father.
She is a light in my life that shines on the darkest of days, and I adore her.
Love you, Jami.
Enjoy your day!


Aphra Bolyer said...

Awwww, Trish, what a lovely tribute to her. :)

Marge said...

oh my gosh...where are my KLEENEX!!! That is so beautiful and such a loving testimony to your relationship and love! ... *sniffle*...

Tami said...

Simply beautiful!

pickmepam said...