Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tina's "Store"


I've known Tina Zarlenga for a few years. She and I got to know each other when she took a class of mine over the course of a weekend. I instantly liked her and enjoyed her company. We all bonded that weekend, and she and I hit if off. Auspicious beginnings...

It wasn't until I saw her space that we really grew closer. Because, you see, anyone that can have a space like this...and have more stuff than even I a sister...

And I want her to will it to me. Okay, at least parts.

So without further ado...Tina's scrapbook room...

I wasn't lying.

The crop table will fit 12 people around it comfortably. Total dream.

She used to work at a local store, and when it closed up, her friend gave her some of the fixtures...(because I know your inquiring minds will want to know...) :)

(Now, of all the DT members, Tina is the only person I have seen physically. She and I live about 30 minutes apart, and see each other on a regular basis. And even though the other design team gals are all spread out over the US, I do plan on meeting them all in person one day. In my mind, I picture us cropping together all the time...seriously...)

Okay, so now for Tina's interview...

On her scrap process:

With my basement set up I scrap many times during the week. Sometimes it’s just a minute as I run through the room with an idea I want to put in place and other times I take the time to really play. My room is set up so I can have friends over; we usually get together on Friday nights. My scrap process has no rhyme or reason. Sometimes I’m inspired by the pictures and other times it’s the cool supplies that I just picked up or got in a kit that I can’t wait to play with. There are times when I need a scrapbooking magazine to jump start my ideas and other times I have them as soon as I sit down. I also love checking out blogs and different galleries for ideas.

Five can’t live without items:

  1. chipboard
  2. cats eye inks
  3. clear stamps
  4. rub ons
  5. crop a dile

The daily item I couldn’t live without: Coffee and my camera

Right now I want: play with the Melissa Francis papers!

I wish I knew how to: shoot in manual with my camera

When I want to indulge myself, I: get a hot cup of coffee, a comfy chair and a book

3 scrap/card related sites you want others to know about: fun stuff at -, lots of ideas at -,

You’ll never see me: without my camera

A childhood memory that scarred you: when we lived in a split level house and our kitchen was up 3-5 steps from our family room. There was a wrought iron railing going across and I decided to climb through it to get into the family room, however things didn’t go as planned and I was stuck. I couldn’t go back and I couldn’t go forward! For a child that’s a scary feeling (as an adult I crack up at this memory) – my dad thought he was going to have to cut the railing to get me through, but my fear (I guess) helped me slide the rest of the way through before any cutting was done.

2 things you do every single day: drink coffee & check email

Music or TV show you scrap to: Matchbox 20 or U2 – usually I am distracted by television

Describe yourself in 3 words: creative, loyal, passionate

2 scrap related goals for this year: Complete project 365 (a photo a day for a year), graduation album for Chelsea (her daughter.)

Now, tomorrow when I post my scrapbook "nook", don't laugh okay? Seriously, how do I follow that up?

Whose idea was it to post all this stuff anyways? Dang.


Rita said...

I'm, well speechless:-)

Kim Smith said...

Tina lives in my dream much stuff and all organized - that's about as good as it gets!

avidreader said...

Holy macaroni! That is impressive! Totally in awe!

Laina Lamb said...

that room is AMAZING!. I need to drywall my basement.

paula clare said...

And HOW exactly could I fit all of that cool stuff into a 750 sq. ft. house? Add a floor? A basement? Raise the roof? (wildly gesturing the hip "raise the roof" gesture)

WAY COOL SPACE. Jealous. Okay, there. I said it.

Valerie said...

**thump** (Val just fainted!)

Gina (frazzledmom) said...




You're right Trish - that's a store! What a wonderful space - no wonder she creates those masterpieces! With all that stash and space, she must be in creative heaven there!

Tina is just the greatest gal - I have got to know her some on her blog, and she is one amazingly strong, talented and warm-hearted gal. Loved the interview! :)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

UM She still works in the store by the looks of this!

I love your blog. I have a link to it on my blog. I hope you don't mind!


Nicole Eshelman said...

Wow Tina...I'm speechless too!!! :)

Cris said...

This room is AMAZING! It's set up just the way I like it -- it looks like a miniature store! I love it. I bet Tina has great crop parties!

borcherding said...


Julie said...

Next time my husband makes a comment to me, I'm linking him over here. :)

Enjoy it, Tina!!

pickmepam said...

okay, that is amazing! Trish, when you go to scrap there, can i come too?
you should have done your scrap
room before you did hers!

Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, Tina!!!!! Feel free to adopt me so I can move in with you :)

Janie said...

that's not a space, that's a STORE!! It rocks Tina. I want to come and play!

Molly said...


HOLY SCRAP, Tina!!! My goodness!!! HOLY SCRAP!!!!!! That room is soooooooooooo amazing!!!!!! WHOA!!!!