Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Photography Challenge

I've had a bunch of fun with Stacey from Zany Zinnia over at Willow Traders for the past two weeks. She and I have been hosting an 8-week photography challenge, and I'd like to invite you all over to share in the fun! Here is my challenge from last week:

This week, I'd like to challenge you to change the way you normally take pictures. Step out of the box a little. Try this for starters:

1. Stand on a table or chair and look down on your subject from high above. Take a portrait using the AV mode of your DSLR (or from your point and shoot) and focus in on the face. (Note: highly flattering pose for women, BTW--we look better shot from up high.) For those of you with wide-angle lenses, try photographing your favorite room in the house, your landscape, the view from your front door, etc.

2. Get down on the ground. All the way down, on your stomach, and shoot from there straight on. It can be in your house with a lot of carpet as the foreground, or outside in the grass when your neighbors aren't looking. You can photograph feet, look up at people, whatever. Just change the angle in which you would normally take a photo.

3. Don't look into the viewfinder or screen and randomly take pictures. Some can be straight on, others will be at an angle. Give up control over having a perfectly-centered photograph and just keep snapping away. Some of my favorite photographs have been shot this way--not looking.

New challenges are posted every Wednesday, so be sure to join us--there is so much to learn! I hope to see you over there!

*I am really very behind on emails and if I owe you one, please bear with me--I'm trying to play catch up! Sorry for the delay--I'm doing my best! Thanks much!

Enjoy your Tuesday!!


borcherding said...

Hey Trish! I've been just INSANE the past month but hopefully things are calming down...I MUST check out that photography challenge!!! It sounds really cool! Happy Tuesday!!!

Ady said...

Oooh.. I think I'm going to play along. Thanks for the tips...

Ryzmomplus2 said...

this looks like fun! I'll be there!

emily said...

good challenges!