Saturday, September 13, 2008

challenge blogs.

there are sooo many out there---heck i run four YES FOUR of them, i know
i am a bit crazy---but hey it helps me scrap what can i say? LOL
do you need some inspiration?
some prompts? something to help you
get that mojo flowing? there are TONS of blogs that help you do JUST that!
here are a few of them, go out there and play along!
happy scrappin'!

the story maters.
one little word.
sketch this.
how much is too much.
random chaos.
color combos galore.
mini mania.
creative therapy.
the design experiment.
scrapping the music.

here's just a *few*
go have some scrappin' fun!

1 comment:

borcherding said...

EEEEKS! just what I need! MORE blogs to read. LOL!!