Friday, September 12, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

you know the rest, right? It's Amy here, a little late, but here none-the-less (thanks Trish). I've been so busy with back to school stuff, that I am just feeling like my to-do list is swallowing me up. What do I do when it gets to be too much??? Scrapbook, of course. :) I got my hands on the new Oct. kit, and it is just yummmmmmmmmmy!

I am a super SUPER messy scrapper. Since I've been scrapping away with the new kit, and I feel like my supplies are swallowing me up, I've been focusing on doing a reorg of my supplies. Here are a few of my fav organization tools. This is an ongoing task for me, and I am constantly trying to find new ways to organize all my stuff.

Up first, is the cart that houses my kits. I have found it's easier to keep all the kits together until there is virtually nothing left. These drawers are perfect since they hold the 12x12 paper, and they are CHEAP, which I love!

For me, these work perfect for my ribbons. And they look pretty, too!

And here are some of my fav rooms on 2 prepared to drool!

Gemm's room
Samantha Walker's room
Seriously, this is a gorgeous room!!!

I'm pretty sure this is my fav room ever!

I know I've linked Stephanie Howell before, but her scraproom deserves a look-see. The way she organizes is magnificent!!!

Do you have any organizing tips? I'd love to hear about them, or better yet, see them. Link them here and I'll send you a RAK for my fav tip ever!! You have until Sun. night.

Have a great weekend!!!


Kristen said...

Amy: I love organizational tips, too. I've posted a few ideas on my blog here...


Anonymous said...

I like the idea for kits, I may steal it for myself. I organize my paper in crates with legal size file folders. I have one crate for solid color paper, then the other crate for patterned paper. I organize the patterned paper by theme, designer and also single sided or double sided. It works so easy and I can see it all without taking it all out.

Paula Clare said...

Hi Amy: I found the most wonderful, inexpensive storage containers. They are a take off of the typical scrapbook modules available at places like archivers and the like, but these are MUCH more inexpensive and come from Oriental Trading Company. Behold:

They were around $30 they are on sale for $15 or so!

I've got 6 modules already, but I'm ordering more! They are the best for sturdy storage!

Paula Clare said...'s the link to the website instead of just the photos...sorry!

Just type in "Snap Bin storage" in the search bar!

Laura said...
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Laura said...

Here is my favorite organizing tool for kits. When they arrive I put them in Cropper Hopper Page Planners, add appropriate photos and slide them in this Longaberger newspaper basket. They fit perfectly! When it's time to scrap I pull one out and am ready to roll.

mollyvh said...

Besides putting my kits in large plastic bags (if they weren't already in there) I print up photos from the design team (after copying and pasting them into word) and stick them in the bag too.

My FAVORITE storage solution is my ribbon though- I have an obscene amount of ribbon and I usually buy it in yard lengths- so I stick a safety pin through one end of about 10-15 ribbons of the same color and hang them from loose binder rings- I can have about 6 or 7 safety pins of ribbon on each ring. I then hung up a small towel bar right next to my scrap table when the rings hang from. When I need to find some ribbon I just pull one over my page to see how it looks and when I find the one I like I just snip off what I need. When the ribbon gets short I just cut it off as close as I can to the end that is attached to the safety pin and keep those sniblets in little jars sorted by color. I love having my ribbon so close to me, it never gets tangled and it just looks beautiful hanging in a little rainbow on my wall!

Thanks for the links- off to check them out!

Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Trish im so glad you asked this question cuz im in the middle of moving my stuff and in LOVE with my 2 new ideas :

Thickers / alphabet storage :
these cost .97 cent at walmart and perfectly hold a TON of thickers and stickers

in the kitchen section and they hold so many kits awesome, nice and upright ! They are really for plates .

Hope you like them :)
Jenn Z

Nicole said...

I have been looking for that rolling 12x12 sotrage bin everywhere (the one with the drawers you have pictured). I would love to know where you got it from, or if anyone else has one where they got it from.