Friday, October 17, 2008

Time Capsule Mini-Album

Happy Friday! Francine here! :)

I received my first PhotoJoJo /Flickr Time Capsule e-mail this week, and I couldn't wait to start the album I had in mind. I decided to use the September Kit for this project, I was happy to see that some of the Scenic Route Stickers had a photo theme! I used a 2-ring binder that I bought from the stationary aisle, and covered it with papers and embellishments from the kit.

Tip: If your main wallpaper doesn't cut to the exact size you need for full coverage, you can always hide your flub by distressing the edges of the album. Here I used the Basic Grey files and Distress Ink in Burlap (my new favourite).

I also found some binder separators in kraft in the stationary aisle, and cut them down to size to use for the album pages. Here is the title page:

and here is the first spread using four of the five photos I received in the email (one was pretty much a duplicate so I didn't bother to use it).:

I think I am really going to enjoy adding to this album, it might be the first mini-album I manage to keep up with over time. It's really amazing how seeing these photos sparked my memory, I remembered almost everything about this day: I'd been shopping in Lyon with my friend Lucy, and took the photos while walking along the main shopping street on my way home. It's inspired me to take another walk there soon, and see how much the area has changed, if at all.

Did anyone sign up for the Time Capsule project? What are you planning to do with the photos you receive? We'd love to see!


pickmepam said...

francine: absolutely love this idea. the album is too cute! i didn't look into the time-capsule project, but now that i see it and what it's about, i think this is truely a unique idea that tons of people will love!
keep us posted on your new pages!

Colleen said...

cuteness! i still have a ton of my sept kit left, and i think i might work with it some over the weekend. never did sign up for the time-capsule emails...i keep meaning to but my mind is like a sieve lately!

borcherding said...

Totally don't know what Time Capsule project you are talking about but I freakin' LOVE the cover of that album!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the album!!! What stationary did you find the supplies at? Please tell.
Thank you,