Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday crafting

Happy Tuesday! Francine here :)

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in France, so I am already deep into my Christmas crafting. I absolutely love Christmas, always have. My sister always calls me Franny Claus or the Christmas Elf. This is the only time of year that I do way more paper crafting than scrapbooking. I was telling my friend Lucy yesterday, that with all the crafts I have planned, our apartment will probably look like Santa's Playground when I'm through!

I wanted to share some links with you of some adorable crafts I've found around the web, something to get those creative juices flowing!

An amazing garland made from fabric strips - this could be adapted for any season!
A ribbon wreath, originally made for Halloween, but just change out the colours!
A super cute wreath made from cardboard - truly green crafting
Stuffed tree shaped ornaments. This one has been in my bookmarks for a year now. I found it too late last year!
Elf shoes made from felt! Way too cute!!

I am also running a two week series of Holiday Crafts with step by step tutorials, so come over and check those out!
This year I have renewed my commitment to giving as many handmade gifts as possible. If you're looking for ideas for this as well, check out this article 34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Have yourself a crafty little holiday season!

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borcherding said...

Great stuff!! Thanks for posting these links!!