Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Queen of Crafts

Hi everyone, Amy here! I think Martha Stewart is one of the most amazing crafters out there. I could spend hours, and I do mean hours on her site. You can find anything there, and whenever I need some decorating help, it's usually where I turn.

This year, I am revamping my holiday decor, and the ideas I've found on her site have been so great that I thought I'd share some here. There are definitely some wonderful things you can do with the amazing Dec. kit from Trish! (:

Here are a few of my fav projects that I hope to create this year:

One of the things I always do with my kids each year is decorate a gingerbread house. Now, I'm sure there are some of you out there that will agree with me, that the companies that create the gingerbread kits really want us to suffer dearly. Therefore, I have decided that we will go with these this year.

I love this for a gift idea!!! It's a recipe book along with a sample of each cookie! LOVE THIS IDEA!!!

Directions for the gingerbread and recipe booklet along with TONS of other ideas can be found at her site. She's also doing a cool Christmas workshop, that can be found here.

Happy Holidays!!!


pickmepam said...

i did the urn deco outside my front door several years ago and loved it. i think i will revive it. i also loved the other ideas you came up with! gotta love martha! (and trish)

Jana Eubank said...

Martha's ideas (or her staff's ideas. LOL!) are always so classy and simple elegance. I LOVE the look of that urn with all the ornaments! :D

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

Very nice... I just checked out her recipes and I may just be trying one of them as a Thanksgiving dessert. YUM!