Tuesday, December 9, 2008


...in felt.

I did the above layout showcasing the garlands my kids and I have been making this season, thanks to Ali. Gotta love a good family craft...especially one a 6 year old boy can do completely on his own without supervision! Check out the light blue one--he did the whole thing himself--and couldn't be prouder. It was his idea--and it currently adorns his very own Christmas tree (Monster Truck theme, thanks very much.)

Yes, each of our kids has their own small tree in their rooms. Our youngest son has a Dr. Seuss themed tree (photographed above with the pom pom garland). Our daughter has a girlie tree with lots and lots of pink, and that would be her in the main photo above, showing off the garland she created. The plain red one is all mine, baby. :) We're having a blast making them, and have many more planned as gifts. See the bags of felt squares on the floor?

What are you making this season? Post links--I truly want to know!!

I also love the Heather Bailey yo-yo garland.

And the Kiddley pom pom one inspired ours above.

This ragged one is also on my mind.

This wreath is inspiring another one in my head.

And this one is simple and cute too...

So little time--we'll see what we can get accomplished...

Hey-- just FYI for you local gals...the Jan. 3rd crop at the Waterbury Clubhouse is SOLD OUT!!

Have a super hump day all!!


pickmepam said...

now that's a lot of garland!

love the layout!

Kayla W. said...

I just finished my first felt ball garland last night! If you're ever looking for a good tutorial I linked to it in the flickr description:

Anilu Magloire said...

I'll say it again, Martha Schmartha!
You are the real deal!!
My pals were so in love with your house and they told me all about it.