Monday, December 8, 2008

some of my favorite things :)

hey ya'll! emily here! here are a few of my favorite holiday things! enjoy :)

top 3 holiday movies:

nativity of the best movies i have ever seen. we have a tradition in our house to watch this every christmas gets us back into the real reason for the season. i highly recommend this movie. it's beautiful. bring your kleenex along.

have you seen the family stone? while it's not completely a "holiday" movie, it takes place during christmas, i consider it one of my favorite holiday movies!

a christmas i even need to explain? all i can say is tbs, tbs, tbs if you haven't seen this movie!

Favorite holiday cookie:
hmmmm...i have many favorite cookies...i'd have to say a good ol' fashioned chocolate chip cookie (fresh and warm from the oven) makes my stomach happy :)
Favorite holiday songs:
Silent Night
Little Drummer Boy
Favorite Holiday Tradition:
Since i've had children, my favorite tradition is when we put up the tree...i never thought i'd be so laid back about the experience, but nothing warms my heart more, than to see the joy on their faces as they are decorating the tree...and yes, the tree tends to be heavily ornamented in one lower corner, but it's sweet like that, and they worked really hard to make it look so pretty. (in fact, we set the tree up today, and i counted...on one tree branch there were about 20 ornaments :) ) i love those kids.
Least Favorite part of the Holiday:
when it's over!!
Favorite holiday project:
this banner i made using the december's soooo colorful and fun, and adds lots of sparkle to my bare white wall!

5 items on your wish list this year:
1. mac
2. mac
3. mac
4. mac
5. did i mention i want a mac?
(sad thing is i totally will NOT get a mac ;) )
i hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more of me! i would love to hear some of your favorite holiday traditions!!
happy christmas ya'll!


pickmepam said...

traditions? my absolute fav is one my aunt started when i was young. i don't know where she got it from but it's a candy cand calendar. each day you take off a candy (used to be canes, now it's soft sticks) until you reach christmas day. i have made them for my sisters and i know they'll pass them on to their children. my four take turns and my 16 yr old is just as excited as my 6 yr old!

Trish said...

Love your pics, Em! And that banner is to DIE FOR!!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

great post Emily! I love that banner!

janet said...

I love that movie, Family Stone! I need to watch that!