Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Everyday

It's Colleen wishing everyone a happy Saturday!

Before I even gab away about what I want to share today, I just have to say that I got my April kit in the mail today and WOWEE!!!! So yummy and fun! Jillybean Soup y' adorable and fun. And fresh! Really creative stuff out of this new company. I really think you guys are going to like what Trish has put together for next month.

I just had to tell you guys.

Ok, now where was I? Oh yeah, the everyday.

I am a firm believer in everyday scrappage. Scrap yourself, scrap your day, scrap the little things. I think it is the Historian in me. I'm a history professor in my other life, and it is so important to document life in its entirety.

I've actually been keeping up with my Project 365 photographs and I have taken a picture everyday since January 1!! Here are a few of my favorites so far...just snippets from my life as it happens.
snow comes to maribeau
Last week it snowed, which is so rare for Atlanta. But, I wanted to capture not only the snow, but where we were as it was happening. So, I snapped this pic of our street sign.

Sometimes exciting things happen, like when we went to the circus on Feb 21
365: feb 21
Sometimes it is just everyday routines and habits that get captured, like a peaceful drive through the country on my way home from school.
365: feb 5

What I'm reading
365: feb 3
365: feb 2
or even wearing
365: jan 19

and of course, the special people in my life who sometimes have to be in every stinkin picture that I take (she's such a diva)
365: feb 17

Capturing the everyday is so important in our pages. One day, someone will look through our albums, but they won't see us in them. We are the ghost behind the camera, but we need to put ourselves in our pages too.

So snap a pic of what is happening with you today and link it here!!!


Tara said...

Congrats on keeping up with your 365. I have not. I must get back to it though.
Happy Saturday!

supermom said...

love your pics. i especially love the one of the circus! congrats on keeping up. wow, that is a great thing!

Jewel said...

Thanks for sharing some of your 365 pics! I have been trying to keep up but do miss some days. I fill those days with everyday things that could happen any day but am really behind with my journaling. It is good to see what others are doing to keep me motivated.

Now you have me really anxious to see April's kit peeks!

jamie said...

colleen...super post...i loved it. great reminder of the everyday...and glad to know someone else is keeping up with 365. and for the april kit: omg!!!!!