Friday, April 17, 2009

365 check-in

Good morning everyone! C'est moi, Colleen. A little late...sorry.

I am the queen of late. Late for my classes, late for appointments, late for everything. I blame being a Miami girl...Miami is on a time of it's own. We call it Miami-time or Mañana. You know, I was actually 3 weeks late to my own birth, and I've often pondered having being late to my own funeral written into my will. My mom says I'll be late, so why not make it official?

One thing that I am actually staying on schedule with is my 365. How are you guys doing with that? Are you still taking your pictures? I've taken a picture every single day this year and I load them into my flickr. I'll admit, some days it has been hard to get a pic, but so far so good. Here's some favorites over the past month...

We lost power for two days, so I read with the pup for a while
Saturday morning at the Starbucks with my hubby
365: apr 11
My Irish Soda Bread on St. Paddy's Day (Trish's Recipe by the way)
Sláinte Mhaith
Enjoying a glass of wine after a long day
365:mar 12
Just capturing the little things...

What really amazes me is that I'm actually keeping track of my monthly albums! Yeppers! Granted, I'm not doing a page a day most days like I was at the beginning, but I catch up on the weekends or at crops. The important thing is that I have albums for the past 3 months that celebrate my everyday life. A diary of sorts! All made from scraps...

Preserving memories.
Being green and using scraps...
Gotta love it.

So how are you guys doing with your 365?


jamie said...

that is so funny you posted on this today...i was just wondering too how others were progressing with their 365. for the most part, i am keeping up with the photo taking. am about 3 weeks behind getting them documented in an album. heading to a crop this weekend, perhaps i will be able to catch up again.
thanks, colleen!

Trish said...

Yeah--I was thinking the same thing--interestingly enough! I got the call from CK TODAY...April 17th...saying they'd ship mine soon. HA!! I ordered and was billed on Jan. 1st. Nice.
Luckily, my friend had an extra and gave it to me and so I've been using that as my own. I LOVE IT. Too bad their customer service isn't what I'd hoped. I will post pics soon. Thanks for sharing yours!

Jewel said...

I am using the CK kit too! I was one of the fortunate ones that got one right away. I have been doing great with the photos but am behind on the journaling. The weather has been so gorgeous here this week that I can't bring myself to sit inside and do it. It is suppose to rain on Sunday, so maybe I can get to it then. I would LOVE to see photos of everyone's projects!

Tara said...

You are a woman. I gave up on the 365 part-way through February. My goal next year is to make it to March. haha. But I've been taking a lot more photos lately. Maybe I'll pick it up again yet this year.