Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sewing Up a Storm

Hey's Jamie...sewing up a storm these days. I have found myself in a nitch of sewing as of late. Skirts, mostly. Girls tier skirts. Girls denim yoke skirts. Fun pink prints in floral and plaids. And it has been contagious too. My girlfriend came for a visit recently from California. For most of the time she was here, we were sewing skirts! Tag teaming on the sewing machine. You know you have a true friend when you find comfort in the simple sound of a sewing machine and just being together in that creative way. But I digress...

My inspiration of late came from a couple of new blog site discoveries. Don't you just love it when you find a little cyber treasure. Espcially when it spurs you on to creative goodness that serves...well, it serves others, but for sure it serves yourself to delight in the find and inspiration.

One of the most productive finds was here. You will find some cool tutorials, patterns and just free stuff, plus plenty of inspiration. It's well worth a bookmark on your browser. I tried my hand at the twirly skirt, because what five year old can live without a twirly skirt. I tweaked the pattern a bit and made it my own, but it is for sure a keeper. I will be making that one again.

This one is a good one too. She is great for using what you have kind of creativity. We all need a little more of that in our lives.

And the one here is one I am still investigating, but I keep going back for more. It's one of those sites that makes me say "ahhhh". She just made her daughter a dress to die for, I mean really adorable!!! I will have to work my way up to that one.

Oh...and have you looked here at her fabric links? Fun stuff you know you wanna try. Just scroll down about a third of the way to 'fabrics' on the right hand side.

And don't forget there are some adorable finds on etsy for fabric...
like here
and here
oh, and here.
Hope you too get a little inspired!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG Jamie what an awesome post! I loved all the links you included and can't believe I hadn't seen some of these great blogs!

Candace H said...

What a coincidence! My mother-in-law and I just broke out my new sewing machine this week (I only sew a little... took it in Home Ec and a summer class in 7th grade but I am re-learning!) Thanks for a great post full of information and inspiration!

Trish said...

Love this post, Jamie! My first love was quilting, but I use my machine on a regular basis. I love the sites and have bookmarked a couple--thanks!