Friday, May 29, 2009

fathers day, coming up!

hi ya'll, emily here!
i'm quite convinced (and maybe ya'll are too) that i get every gift idea from martha stewart's website...her ideas are so great...i just love them! well, fathers day is right around the corner, and i love to be prepared, so i've been checking out sites...but martha's site has beaten the rest. here are some cute ideas...if you have some too, please let me know, as i LOVE good fathers day gift ideas!
you can't beat a good ol' fashioned tie...but make it a cute one...and put a monogram on it, even better!

here is something that the kids can get involved in a block of paper and let them color on the will have a fun gift, all year long...or until he uses all his paper!

cut out a DAD frame and put pictures of your cute kids in it :)

every dad needs one of these...a handy dandy car wash kit. so he can (of course) wash your car for you :)
like i me up to some good ideas! happy gift making!

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