Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sneaky Mc. Sneakerton

I got the WIP July kit yesterday and I jumped up and down with joy when I opened the box. It is just so fun and vintagey and just wonderful. I know, kind of a lame description, but this kit makes me speechless.

And it makes me want to create!!
WIP july sneak peek
Here's a little something I whipped together.



LisaNRoxy said...

Cute card!! Trish - where are you? Is it time for more sneak peeks of the kit? :D :D :D it looks just fantastic like always!!

PS - Sign me up for all of it - again.

Amy Coose said...

Really cute card! I am loving this kit as well. (:

Jewel said...

Super cute card - can't wait to see more!!!!!

Trish said...

Is she sisters with fakey McFakerson and cheater McSeaterson? Inquiring minds want to know.