Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are you a List Maker?

I am! Although I hate to admit that I lose them when I need them most - LOL! I am all about finding freebies and I happen to stumble upon these -- they are so up my alley --- cute and sophisticated - and I haven't lost one yet(LOL)

Aren't these cute? My favorite is the blog topic one - sometimes I am out and Alyson does something funny or I see something and I want to write about it but forget - but not anymore - now I have been documenting the ideas -- now I just have to blog them - LOL! Click here to download.

And this one is totally adorable -- I don't know about you but I dislike going to the grocery store -- so this list is right up my alley!  Download here!

and we don't want to leave out the love one in your life --- this one is for him! LOL!  Download here!

I hope you like these! If you search around that site you will find some more awesome print outs that are free! Awesome right?



Colleen said...

these are awesome!
I'm going to print out a few. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle*G said...

You rock! LOVE these...especially that first one!

Jessie said...

Really cool! Thanks for sharing:)

jamie said...

oh how i love lists...and these are just perfect. thanks so much for linking us up.
and so glad to hear someone else hates the grocery thing too.

Anonymous said...

I'm ALL OVER these!! Perfect for my first day of freedom (2 of 3 kids are back to school!) Thanks, Michelle!!


pickmepam said...

i am a total list maker!
i've seen lots of list tablets, but these are by far the coolest!

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

these are so awesome - thx for sharing!! :) smiles, m-