Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do you Picnik?

I know a lot of you Flickr, but have you ever edited your photos in Flickr's sister site called Picnik? It has some really neat editing effects that you can do with your photos. AND IT'S FREE!

There are some premium features that require an upgrade, and I have no idea how much that is. I haven't upgraded. But, I do picnik and I love it.

Take a look at this:
365: 25 July
Here is your average ordinary photo (isn't he cute? I found him outside the grocery store one day) but look at what you can do with it once you upload it to Picnik:

There's a focal black and white option (same as photoshop)
365: 25 July (focal BW)

You can do an HDR effect (this one is my fave)
365: 25 July (HDRish)

Really nice washes. This one is CinemaScope
365: 25 July (CinemaScope)

and some fun effects like Sketch
365: 25 July (pencil sketch)

and neon
365: 25 July (neon)

or you can combine effects. This is a holga effect combined with the vignette option:
365: 25 July (holga vignette)

The opportunities are endless (and free! did I mention free?)

Happy editing!


Trish said...

Picasa also has a free editing site called Photoscape. Heather S. turned me onto it a bit ago--and it too is free and fun! You can find the link here:


Colleen said...


Jewel said...

How cool - thanks! I am going to try them both.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

LOVE picnik! So many fun things to do with your pics!

em said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing!!

Pearl said...

i absolutely cannot live without picnik now & have just upgraded with no regrets ! I will check out Photoscape now.