Sunday, September 20, 2009

100 Fun Fall Things To Do

100 Fun Fall Things To Do
(Scroll over words to find fun links!)

Pick Apples
Carve a Pumpkin
Make a Halloween Costume
Throw a Fall Craft Party
Bake Pumpkin Bread or
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Decorate your house for fall
Volunteer as a screamer at your local haunted house
Make a
gingerbread haunted house with your kiddos
Go on a hayride
Plant mums
Brew cider
Make chili and invite neighbors over to watch football on TV

Build a tent with blankets and sheets, chairs and chip clips
Make playdoh and play with it!
Build a fire and snuggle

Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor
Roast tomatoes and garlic for an awesome homemade sauce
Make handprint canvases and display them

Finger puppets!
Make a recipe book of your tried and true favorites

Call an old friend
Plant bulbs for spring

Fertilize evergreen trees
Create Halloween Silhouettes using black vinyl and your Cricut (or
Scary Window Silhouettes here)
Get an early start on handmade Christmas gifts
Create a Spooky Tree
Donate old clothing and give it to a charity
Share a ghost story with kids
soft pretzels
Host an indoor picnic
Have breakfast for dinner

Make a pinecone bird feeder and hang them outside
Make a homemade heating pad on a cold night
Make a collage like this one.
Take a walk and collect leaves.
Wear a poncho
Sign up for Story time at the local library

Swap DVD's with a neighbor and hibernate for a "date night"
Read "How to Eat Fried Worms" with your kids
Learn to crochet, quilt or knit
Embellish a bedspread or quilt

Paint a room
Take a road trip

Take a family photo for Christmas cards
Do some early Christmas shopping
Scrap with your dearest gal pals

Organize a neighborhood bonfire
Make & eat edible eyeballs
Attend your local high school's homecoming game or parade
Bake an apple crisp
Clean your junk drawer
Write your parents a letter by hand, expressing your love and appreciation
Try a new recipe that intimidates you
Learn to can tomatoes

Make loaded apples and share
Write or email your favorite teacher and tell them what they meant to you

Make a fall garland and hang it
Have a favorite photo enlarged on canvas

Learn to make homemade pot holders
Cream of Potato soup. Enough said.

Make white trash and send some to school for a favorite teacher
Volunteer at school for an upcoming project
Make S'more Popsicles
Bake these adorable spider cupcakes
Make homemade toffee and eat it all by yourself
Print off games/puzzles online for bored kids
Buy and wear leg warmers
Make a pom pom scarf

Make these adorable cuff bracelets
Decorate the outside of your house with orange lights and hay bales for fall
Scare someone and LAUGH
Host a trunk or treat at your school as a fundraiser

Spend a whole evening looking at finished scrapbooks
Hang artwork your children created

Take tired fall decor to someone who might appreciate it
Dinner in a pumpkin--totally delish!

Collect pinecones or acorns and display them in a glass dish
Let kids play with sidewalk chalk in the garage on a rainy day

Teach your children to scrapbook and let them create!
Give yourself a spa night in your own tub
Stay in your pajamas all day long--as a family
Bake a lot of mini loaves of bread and freeze some
Learn to play backgammon
Take an online class of some sort
Make Spider Web Balloons
Organize your scrap space
Visit a local recycle center

Make cookies for local firefighters and thank them (police officers, too!)
Give sunflowers to a total stranger

Have a
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino at Starbucks Create a Countdown to Halloween Calendar or banner
Cowgirl Cookies in a jar

Make Halloween Twinkies
Research your family tree
Host a pirate party
Host a pig roast or a clam bake
Make favors for a Halloween party


Valerie said...

THIS IS A GREAT POST! I love it. I went through it slowly, and made a list of my own! Great ideas. :)

Julie said...

love it!! i think i'll call an old friend today!

101 find that cute owl punch??????

supermom said...

awesome ideas. thanks for the list, so cool!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG I love this Trish, must visit every site!

Heather P said...

I LOVE your blog! This list is awesome. Thank you for spending the time sharing!

jamie said...

FUN! you must be the ultimate kool-aid mom! me? not so much. i am learning from YOU!

Colleen said...


em said...

Love this list!!!! Fantastic! :)

BabyBokChoy said...

Right... like I can fit all these things into a 2-day fall schedule before we launch into winter here at MN! LOL

LisaNRoxy said...

What a cool list - Trish - you are so clever!! I love love love the owl frame at the top of the post - too cute!

pickmepam said...

your list is so full of goodness, i think i'll try one each day! (ok, maybe not every day)

pickmepam said...

oh, hey, william and i made pumpkin banana bread yesterday! one down, 99 to go! whoo-hoo!

Nathalie said...

This is so inspiring and it totally motivates me! Thank you so much! I'm going to come check it frequently!

Stacy said...

Great list! I printed it off for ideas, but I'm going to have to add #101 Roast pumpkin seeds. Thanks for the inspiration, Trish!

Rachael Thomas said...

I love this post too.. thanks!

Stacy said...

Thanks for such a great list! You relly helped me add to mine!

Joe Hall said...


Melissa Adele Haskin said...

Great list! Thanks!

Michaela said...

I loved this list! SO many great ideas :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Janie Mayes said...

I love this post too.. thanks!

Kamile Ko said...

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