Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Monday!!

ETA: I was able to get more of the Core Impressions today, so anyone on the wait list should have received a paypal invoice today. Please email Trish at if you have any questions! For the second time, the kits have sold out, so there are no more available at this time. You will see the Core Impressions in upcoming kits, sold individually however!! Thanks so much for your support!!

Glad to see you! How was your weekend?
I got a moment or two to scrap with the April WIP kit...
...and some of that rockin' Core Impressions Cardstock...
I tried playing around with this 3-D technique this weekend, but the results weren't what I had hoped. I'm not one to give up easily. Stay tuned.
Also going to give this technique with a water bottle (of all things!) a shot.
Am I the only one who gets totally geeked about learning new photography things?
And while I'm on the subject of being have GOT to watch Life on Discovery. If you loved Planet Earth as much as I did, you will be hooked on this one for sure. And hello, it is narrated by Oprah. What's not to love?
:) Enjoy your day!


BabyBokChoy said...

TRISH, have you gone mad, spraying water on your LENSE?? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.... wow, I wish I didn't click on that link, now I am so so so so insanely tempted!!! good thing I have a UV filter so it won't be as if I'm really spritzing onto my lense, oh no, I MUST TRY it, now I've gone mad :) :) :)

Trish said...

Jing-Jing--Always use a filter--yes!! I really need sun to try this...and there is none of that here today unfortunately. Boo.

jamie said...

that diana adapter is've just gone off and gone geeky!!!
love it.